BOS/MIN Finals (-147) 30k to win 20.6k (2024)

BOS/MIN Finals (-147) 30k to win 20.6k (3) Originally Posted by Eddy Munny

Well you're still allowed to tell the rest of us how to do so... We're money hungry humans too, ya know.

The answers are easily found when it comes to investing in the stock market about this subject but I am not a stocks guy. I am also not a guy who pays fees and commissions along the way while investing to advisors. And while investments are risks, I said no risk and I should have said no risk IMO. Heck life is a risk.

That said, I honestly do not consider long term real estate as a risk. If it goes down it has always gone back up and over a 10 year span for instance and has gone up 400% to 1500% over the last 75 years in the east portion of the US. Where? I don't know where you live but plenty along the eastern portion of the U.S. this has been the trend.

Why? As long as people continue to multiply, more and more housing will be needed. I know, people are having less babies than 50 years ago but all those people are living longer and let's face it, it's not going to stop.

It's supply and demand. With the costs of building so crazy high, those costs drive up older homes prices because there is, for instance, a new million dollar house just down the street from a group of 400-500k houses in the surrounding area. By the time those are built and bought for 1 million a piece, those 500k houses are now worth closer to 650 or 700k and rising as the demand grows. Only because the new ones cost as much as they did. And that was because of the construction costs and rising labor prices. It improved the neighborhood and all the neighbors benefited from that. Better zip code, more taxes being paid for better schools, etc.

Now we all know anyone can post and try and tear what I just said to shreds, and maybe you are right. But Real Estate is as simple as owning your own house. The aim after that IMO would be to own one rental property. It can be a townhouse or whatever. Location is the key to this. Not going to work in a low income area. That risk is very high. Shop by zip code and county of the state you are in or can identify. It needs to make sense. High paying jobs near by, schools that are well rated but not the best necessarily. A lot of that is BS anyway. The curriculum is all the same per county. It goes to state, county and zip code. I think you can get what I am saying without all the explanation.
There are also master plans that are projections for counties for the next 10-20 years that are free to view. Check out the county you have chosen or might choose and see what is coming and where and when. Zoning for each county will have that and you can see for yourself what the future should look like in that particular county.
If it takes 10 years to save that money for the rental, that's ok. A town house will not appreciate as fast as a single family anyway but... they will most likely be 1/2 the price or thereabouts. So, you are 10 years in, you now have a self sufficient rental property that the rent covers all payments, taxes, bills and saving of a fund for repairs. That's it.

Sure. You might have to scale back on the jersey buying at insane prices or ticket prices but by a big screen with high def and know your money is working for you and not Jerry Jones.

Stop betting parlays and gimmicks offered and yes, you can still make a bet. But make it make sense not because it's the big game or it's on that night. Focus on trying to beat the game. Even if you profit 100.00 per season, that was free entertainment and you did not lose. And, your property is most likely worth a little more with each of those passing seasons.
If you are 30, you can do a 30 year fixed in the high 6's right now. Those will drop in time and refinance at 2.5 or 3 or whatever.

Live your life, payoff your house over time, let the townhouse be self sufficient with the rent paying for everything or real close (within 100.00 a month or so) and when you hit retirement age your net worth is well over 1,000,000.00. You will have a fixed social security coming in and no mortgage.

Doug is flashing around the kind of money that with proper guidance, it could really build up. I hope it does for him. But we have watched this stuff on SBR for years. It rarely ends well. I hope for him it does.
But putting your money to work like I suggested will work out very well for you young and even middle aged guys.

Good Luck.

BOS/MIN Finals (-147) 30k to win 20.6k (2024)


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