Can you use Olio for free? (2024)

Can you use Olio for free?

About this app

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Do I have to pay to use Olio?

We are a sharing community where everything listed on the app is for free.

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Is the Olio app free?

The Olio app is free and easy to use; you can start using it straight away to pick up or give away both surplus food and non-food items within your local area. This can be anything from books and clothing to garden equipment and furniture.

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Is Olio in the USA?

Yes, Olio is available to be used anywhere in the world.

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What is the app for free food waste?

Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food from an untimely fate at your favourite spots. Use the app to explore shops and restaurants in your local area and save Surprise Bags of surplus food from going to waste at a great price.

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What is the 7 day rule on Olio?

The 1-hour delay will automatically be removed as soon as you have had less than 7 food pickups confirmed in the last 7 days. This delay is applied to ensure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to pick up food.

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How does Olio make money?

Olio started making money by charging larger businesses for the services we provide via our Food Waste Heroes Programme. Unfortunately, the revenues generated via this programme are nowhere near enough to cover our cost base, so we have developed additional revenue streams.

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How much does Olio cost?

How much does Olio Supporter cost? We have two packages; monthly and annual subscriptions. The cost of the monthly subscription is £4.99 and the annual subscription is £29.99 (£2.50/month - the cost of a cup of coffee!)

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Is Olio first come first served?

It's totally up to you. For example, you could take a 'first come, first served' approach. Otherwise you might want to give your item to someone who's never collected from you before, or even to the person who makes the friendliest request!

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What supermarkets use Olio?

Olio – which was founded in 2015 – already works with a number of grocery companies including Iceland, Tesco, One Stop, Booker and Compass Group. It has a network if 90,000 volunteers nationwide. The app said it would work to match volunteers to each of the more than 800 H&B stores nationwide.

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Why do people use Olio?

Olio is a sharing app for local communities, making it easy to give away the things you don't need to someone else who would value them. When we first started out, we fought food waste. Today, we fight any thing going to waste. From food to furniture and clothing to books, Olio is the feel-good way to declutter.

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How does Olio work?

Olio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus stuff can be shared, not thrown away. Simply take a photo of what you don't need, add it to the app and wait for someone to request and collect.

Can you use Olio for free? (2024)
Who is Olio owned by?

Celestial-One and her business partner Tessa Clarke started Olio in 2015, and it has grown from a local initiative in north London to a company with a presence in 46 countries and more than 900,000 users.

How to get free leftovers?

7 apps that are helping reduce food waste
  1. TOO GOOD TO GO. On the Too Good To Go app, restaurants, cafes and bakeries list leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away. ...
  2. OLIO. Olio provides a platform for neighbours to share unwanted food and other items, all for free. ...
  3. KARMA. ...
  4. FOODCLOUD. ...
  5. NOWASTE. ...
  6. NOSH. ...
  7. KITCHE.
May 21, 2021

Is Too Good To Go free?

Too Good To Go is the free app which allows you to purchase unsold food from top eateries at the end of service, to prevent it from being thrown away.

What is Olio food?

Olio is a mobile app for sharing by giving away, getting, borrowing or lending things in your community for free, aiming to reduce household and food waste. It does this by connecting neighbours with spare food or household items to others nearby who wish to pick up those items.

Can I put alcohol on Olio?

Do not donate any age-restricted products (ie alcohol) 6. You must tell us immediately by emailing if you become aware of anything which might affect the safety of food donated to us.

What can I post on Olio?

What you can list on Olio:
  • 🥦 Free food & drink. No matter if it's loose, raw, cooked, opened, unopened, or past its best-before date (but never past its use-by date). ...
  • Free Non Food. ...
  • All sections. ...
  • For sale section: ...
  • Wanted. ...
  • Borrow. ...
  • Forum.
Dec 7, 2023

Why do I have to watch ads on Olio?

In order to continue with our mission of reducing waste, and to keep supporting so many people and local communities, it's critical we generate enough revenues to cover our costs. Running ads in the app generates some revenue from the ads.

Which companies use Olio?

As a platform, we promote products, services, or projects that support sustainable consumption and lifestyles. Brands we have engaged with in this way include Percol Coffee, Larabar, Hellmann's, Sainsburys, etc.

Why is it called Olio?

Naming: In terms of its etymology, the name “oleo”—and “margarine” as well—came from biochemist Michel-Eugène Chevreul's mistaken belief that margaric and oleic acids constituted animal fat. In its earlier days, oleo went by the name oleomargarine.

How do you collect food for Olio?

How it works
  1. Claim a collection slot. On the Volunteer Hub, you can browse a list of available collections at businesses within your area. ...
  2. Head to the store. After claiming a collection, head to the business just before the collection time. ...
  3. Share food on the Olio app. ...
  4. Neighbours come to collect the food.

How many collection slots can I have with Olio?

How often can I collect food as a Food Waste Hero?
How many slots am I allowed to claim?You can have one ongoing limited + one adhoc limited slot per day, up to a total of 7 at any one time
What types of collections are these?Generally at larger businesses (e.g. Tesco) where the collections tend to be larger
Nov 27, 2023

How do I leave Olio?

To leave the group, you will have to unassign yourself from your collection slot with the business. You will be removed from the group automatically and Olio's Little Helper will inform your fellow FWHs that you are leaving the squad.

How do I cancel my Olio subscription?

On your iPhone:
  1. Tap here to view your Subscriptions page.
  2. Tap Olio.
  3. Tap Cancel Subscription.
  4. To learn more, please visit Apple's support page.
Sep 21, 2023


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